Made in Spain

Spain is my second home, due to half my family living there. For a while I did as they do, swapped my Berlin home for an appartement and went and lived in a small village 50 kms outside from Barcelona in the middle of the Pened├ęs, famous for the wine and cava production. If one doesn’t live in Barcelona all year round, keeping track of what goes on in the metropolitan city is difficult and I would rather not recommend places that have just come up, as I don’t know how long they will stay, but name those, who have been around a while and have established themselves well. In the countryside life has a slower pace. Tradition has a greater importance and some of the places I have been to and festivals I have seen, will be around for a very long time to come. Some of it has already been discovered by other travelers, like the famous ‘Patum’ in Berga, but some of it is only known to the locals. i.e. ‘Catanies’. You’ll get hooked, I promise!
I shall keep on travelling through Spain and will keep you updated on other regions.