Montblanc – Medieval FestivalMontblanc – Mittelalterfest

Montblanc 1Surely you have been to medieval festivals? This one I would like to mention because it is a specially beautiful and atmospheric one being organised with the utmost attention to detail. Authenticity. My friends Judith, Sibylle and Jordi can verify this – we went together. Montblanc is situated in the province of Tarragona, 350 m above sea level and it’s destinctivness is that it has an almost complete town wall still with it’s original gates. Just as you would imagine a medieval city. It is saturday morning and the city already quite packed. We walk through one of the festivly decorated gates into the historic centre. Everywhere banners and flags have been hoisted to cover all signs of modern reminders. The inhabitants form part of the festival wearing old costumes, carrying baskest with chicken, bread and bottles of wine, or are pulling carts along the cobble stone streets.

Montblanc 2All appears as if we have just walked through a time tunnel. On the first small square the wine markt is taking place. In the region, the wine area Conca de Barbera, the grape Trepat is being cultivated and used to make rose wines and cava. Of course we give it a try. From the wine stall to the charcole grill, not without stopping on the way at the cheese stall and then the cured ham… Montblanc 3After the rustic and frugal lunch we finish off with something sweet. We are in culinary heaven trying all these artesan made delicacies. The medieval time being very present at all times. Knights in armour, peasants with panniers, damsels and noble men on their horses, children with crossbows and wooden toys. Around us everything is a different era. Underneath the town wall craftsmen have installed themselves. Basket maker, blacksmith, potter, peltmonger, cooper. Plus bowman, knight games, story teller. We spend hours walking around the city, thouroughly enjoying ourselves.

Medievel Festival begins on San Jordi 23.04. and lasts 2 weeks— deutscher Text noch in Bearbeitung —


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